PantyBoy Cocksucking

HARDCORE FEMDOM SENSUAL DOMINATION STRAPONYou know something?  You little fuckers have corrupted me.  Yep.  True facts.  Every single guy I meet nowadays, I wonder if he’s secretly prancing around his house in panties and whore red lipstick.

A couple of dudes I’ve met lately make me think they probably do.  I pay, like, really close attention every time I see them.  You never know, I might catch a glimpse of a pink g-string above one of their pants one day.  Now that would be interesting.

For now, though, I’m sticking to the sissy phone sex callers.  You keep me entertained like 24/7.

Love my Panty Sluts

Panty boys are so funny.  It’s cute how you want to be girls.  Like slutty panties and shiny lipstick are enough to get rid of that teeny tiny thing between your legs and miraculously make you into this hot chick.  Keep trying, though.  It makes me laugh!

The best part about little sissy sluts like you, though, is when you confess how much you crave cock.  Big black cock, big white cock, pretty much any kind of big cock.  You just want to make red lipstick rings around as many different dicks as you can.  I totally approve of that ambition.

I especially love when you wannabe cocksuckers call me for advice.  I’m really glad that you know that the best place to come for lessons on how to suck a cock is to a sexy woman.

I’ll go ahead and give you a little piece of advice.  Unless the guy is grabbing your head and face fucking you, the best thing you can do is go slow.  It’s sexy, it’s teasing, it’s erotic, and it gives you the opportunity to worship and savor each and every inch of his dick.  And that’s exactly what you want to do, right?

Taste it, enjoy it, and then get back to me.  Oh, and make sure you swallow.  No man wants a sissy bitch who gets all squeamish at the thought of cum.  So swish it around in your mouth like you’re tasting a fine wine or something and swallow it.  Then, thank him for his gift!

Pantyboy to Cumslut

Oh, yeah, little panty boy.  I’ll have you turned into a cumslut before you know it.  But that’s just exactly what you want, isn’t it?  Call Ms. Ivy now and get your cocksucking lessons!

~*~Empress Ivy~*~


Yahoo: EmpressIvy


Twitter @ TheEmpressIvy


$2.50 Per minute, with 10-minute minimum

Billed to your credit card

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