Sissy Maid Punishment, Part 2

Sissy Slut humiliation feminization trainingSo strokers, it has been a bit since I have updated you on my sissy maid’s punishment. Here is why,

she made me wait…and so I made her wait.

I know just how anxious she was to find out his punishment so I dangled it over her head…only I knew what was going to happened. I would laugh a devilish laugh and smile a wicked smile.

Sissy Mandy should have never made me wait. That has got to be one of the most upsetting things to a mistress. It is rude and shows bad manners…which all of you pets and sissy maids should know.

But, now the wait is over. I have told my sissy slut maid exactly what is expected of her as far as her punishment goes.

So I decided to give Sissy Mandy every punishment we picked out and then some. I will spring it on her at my will.

The Sissy Punishment

Sissy Mandy will receive:

(1)    Get on her sissy knees and beg for me to spank her sissy ass? (It will be on cam, and there will be spanking. Lol)

(2)    Be forced to wearing sissy heels all week long (us girls know how bad heels hurt after a few hours…lol)

(3)    Receive some light CBT since it does seem to be that sissy clitty that has been the cause of Mandy’s defiance

(4)    Wear her panties, bra and pantyhose all week, no matter what she’s wearing on top and no matter who she is around

Spank that Sissy Ass

The first one, of course was her spanking. She was forced into wearing her sissy slut panties, and then bend over and spank her sissy ass while I watched laughed and taunted her on cam. I may just have her spanked each and every training to remind her of her place.

She is also currently wearing her panties and pantyhose all week…teehee.

Punishment aside…sissy Mandy did do an excellent job on her strip tease. I was very impressed! Was it worth the wait? Probably, but you should never make your mistress wait.

Now, on to the next task with my Sissy maid, ownership. I will train her so she knows who she belongs to and her place…at my feet.

~*~Empress Ivy~*~


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2 comments to Sissy Maid Punishment, Part 2

  • mandy

    My sincerest gratitude for Your fair and noble discipline Goddess. As You know I’m on Day 2 of my week in panties and nylons and already for exponentially more girly :) Once I start my week in 3” heels, I’m sure I’ll really learn what sissy punishment is all about. And since we didn’t get a chance to do too thorough of a spanking, next time I’ll be sure to beg and plead like a humnle little sissy for You to spank my slut ass to Your sadistic heart’s content. And hell, if afterwards it hurts way too much to ever sit down again, I guess I’ll experience the full effects of that week in heels LOL

    Humbly yours,

  • Ms Anns steph

    Curtsey Empress Ivy Seems your girl Mandy has begun her punishment and is doing nicely. I’ts not good to keep Mistress waiting.

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